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Viagra- Sildanafil citratate - is one of the fastest growing drugs in terms of sales and it has set many records for the number of prescriptions written. At the same time, it has spawned a host of urban legends. Today Viagra stands on the position the most famous name of medicines among erectile dysfunction and became the first choice of men all over the globe. It is a matter of fact that at first, Herbal Viagra was simply a byproduct of pharmaceutical experiments and was initially used as a treatment for high blood pressure.

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The vast majority of men taking Viagra do not have problems with side effects. The common side effects of Herbal Viagra noticed include headaches, a flushing phenomenon of the face, and trouble with dyspepsia. Additionally, some men complain of nasal congestion.

Originally, it was thought that Viagra produced an erection that lasted too long, and cause to create a painful condition known as priapism. Fortunately this condition was never reported during the clinical trials and has been seen very rare according to the data collected as a feedback in post marketing survey. The chance of this effect occurring is extremely low. This seems strange observation that till the date approximately seventy percent of men reported the effect of Viagra to be positive in patients with either organic or psychogenic erectile dysfunction. Now the question arises if Viagra doesn't produce such tremendous and magic results, for what else we are going to look.

Overall, Viagra is very safe and effective and as long as physicians and the experts are monitoring its efficacy, there should be no worries about using it. That's why its fans call it simply the "magic pill".
RH Viagra Online UK 41